The January 2020 edition of TVSquared's "The Broadcast” covers the latest TV news and insights, including the biggest trends impacting TV advertising this year, the world’s largest OTT and linear attribution rollout and best practices for maximizing local TV.
2020 Outlook: What Lies Ahead for TV Advertising
In recent years, the TV industry has undergone a massive and exciting revolution - and there’s no sign of it slowing down. In 2020, the evolving TV landscape will present a myriad of opportunities for advertisers, media owners and consumers, including:
  • OTT Going from Tested to Trusted: Last year was marked by many TV advertisers actively experimenting with OTT, using test-and-learn approaches to reach audiences they never would have with linear alone. This year, OTT will scale to become a key, trusted part of the video “media mix” - one that is consistently measured and optimized for performance alongside linear.
  • The Rise of Impressions + Performance: 2020 will see impressions and performance come even closer to overtaking ratings when it comes to how TV is bought and sold.
  • Politics Impacting Non-Political Advertisers: With more political ad spend devoted to TV than ever before, non-political advertisers need to prepare for a tightened market. With inventory scarcity and higher-priced buys, marketers are experimenting with their video mix to ensure maximum performance.
  • A Data Wake-Up Call: Last year was all about the “panel size,” but 2020 will be marked by a data “wake-up call." Advertisers will focus less on acquiring data and more on generating valuable insights with the data they already have via software platforms.
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Are Holiday Ad Buys Worth the Investment?

For TV advertisers, it’s never too early to start planning for the holiday season. But are the high price tags that often accompany holiday-themed programming really worth the investment? We looked at the data to find out.

Why Does "Friends" Have Such a Lasting Impact?

More than 25 years after its debut, why is “Friends” still so popular with multiple generations? We uncovered exactly what this cultural phenomenon has really meant to viewers, advertisers and the TV industry itself.

RTL & TVSquared Offer Pan-European TV Attribution

RTL AdConnect and TVSquared partnered to launch the largest pan-European TV attribution initiative. RTL’s global advertisers now have always-on proof of performance for 150+ channels and BVOD platforms across Europe.

TVSquared & NBCU Rollout the World’s Largest Local TV Attribution Initiative
Brands continue to demand always-on, real-time, transparent attribution for TV campaigns - and NBCU is one of the media owners answering the call. NBCU partnered with TVSquared to rollout the world's largest attribution solution for local TV advertisers.
All 42 NBC and Telemundo owned local stations, plus nine RSNs, now provide advertisers with a same-day view into how their linear and digital TV campaigns are directly impacting business outcomes.
Tips for Maximizing Local TV Advertising
Local TV is a go-to channel for advertisers of all shapes and sizes because it’s proven time and again to be efficient, effective and, more recently, accountable (thanks to attribution).
TVSquared’s Jo Kinsella joined Danielle DeLauro, EVP of the VAB, to offer advice on the best ways to maximize local throughout 2020 and beyond.

Listen to the webinar on-demand here.
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Webinar: Industry Leaders Get Candid About 2020
There's no denying that 2020 will be a pivotal year for the TV industry. In our upcoming webinar (Thursday, Jan. 30), hear exclusive predictions and insights from leaders across the industry - including Effectv (formerly Comcast Spotlight), Marketing Architects and TVSquared, among others.

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