The May 2020 edition of TVSquared's "The Broadcast” covers how OTT is impacting all corners of the TV ecosystem (including real-world insights from industry leaders), examines how well ratings really align with TV-driven response, a new can’t-miss podcast and more of the latest TV advertising news and trends.
Demystifying Streaming: Maximizing OTT in the Current TV Era
With many of us now spending the majority of our time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, OTT has taken center stage as audiences flock to streaming services. Now, advertisers need to remain in-tune with fluctuating viewing habits in order to gain (and maintain) audience engagement in what has become an increasingly crowded space. In order to do so, they must cut through the noise surrounding OTT and understand exactly what this medium can and cannot do. Here are some key points to keep in mind when advertising on OTT platforms:

Services vary widely. Some OTT services have been around for years, quite a few launched over the past year alone and plenty more are still to come. And not all of them include ad-supported tiers for subscribers. But the ones that do, such as those that fall under the “free to stream” category or are live TV streaming services, provide an enormous opportunity for advertisers to reach and engage consumers.

Start slow. Advertisers that are brand new to OTT advertising shouldn’t rush into it. It’s important to start slow; take a portion of an existing linear TV budget and designate it to OTT in order to get a sense of what works well.
Don’t discount the power of linear + OTT. Even as OTT continues to grow, linear TV remains a strong medium for driving performance and brand building. But the combination of linear and OTT together is enormously powerful for incremental reach.

Test-and-learn strategies matter. The advertisers that find the most success with OTT are the ones that continually measure and optimize campaigns to identify exactly where they can yield the highest levels of response.

While these points are crucial for any brand to thrive in an OTT environment, there’s no substitute for real-world advice from leaders who have been involved with successful OTT campaigns and thoroughly understand the space. That’s why we’ve gathered candid insights from across the media ecosystem—including leaders from Ampersand, Babbel, Effectv, Inscape, Talkspace, VAB and Walton Isaacson—in our latest eBook, “Demystifying Streaming in the New TV Era: Busting Myths and Showcasing Real-World Perspectives.”

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Ratings vs Performance
Do Top-Rated Shows Drive Response for Advertisers? Not Necessarily ...
We all know that TV has become a virtual buffet of programming options—spanning publishers, platforms and more. But how can advertisers really know if they’re buying the “best” shows for their brand (aka the ones that deliver the highest levels of TV-driven response)? 
To prove that the highest rated shows don’t always align with the top performing ones, TVSquared analyzed data from hundreds of U.S. TV advertisers. How do the most-watched programs on the “Big Three” networks stack up against the top performing series? Plus, which programs (across cable and broadcast) stand out when it comes to driving response? The results will surprise you ...
MediaMath & TVSquared Revolutionize CTV Attribution
MediaMath TVSquared

Advertisers need transparent solutions to measure and optimize TV campaigns across platforms in order to drive real business outcomes. Find out how MediaMath and TVSquared are empowering advertisers to make CTV campaigns more effective than ever before.

Leaning Into TV During a Time of the COVID-19 Crisis
Real Talk with TVSquared feat Marketing Architects

How specifically is COVID-19 impacting advertisers and how can brands maximize TV’s full value, even during a time of great uncertainty? Listen to our candid conversation with Marketing Architects’ VP of Analytics, Matt Hultgren, to find out!

How the Upfronts Need to Evolve in a Post COVID-19 World
Ratings vs Performance

As a result of COVID-19, the 2020 in-person TV upfront events were all cancelled. Moving forward, how will the upfronts need to evolve in a post-pandemic world in a way that is even more beneficial to advertisers? Here's a hint: performance and outcomes need to take center stage.

TV Talk with Jo Kinsella
Candid Advice and Honest Conversations Around the New TV Era
Are you looking for access to honest advice and insights from the top leaders across the TV industry? TVSquared has launched TV Talk, hosted by our President, Jo Kinsella. Each week, we’ll be bringing special guests and exclusive discussions straight to you. Check out the latest convos available here:
  • VAB’s Danielle DeLauro on how brands can maintain relevance during a global crisis.
  • Effectv’s Andrea Zapata on finding a new work-life balance while adjusting to working from home as both an ad exec and a parent.
  • Walton Isaacson’s Albert Thompson on how advertisers can capitalize on consumer attention and what it really means to be data-driven.
  • Uniworld Group’s Monique Nelson on the tactical strategies companies can implement to encourage a more diverse and inclusive work environment—even in the age of COVID-19.
TV Talk is also available through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.
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