The April 2020 edition of TVSquared's "The Broadcast” delves into how COVID-19 is impacting advertisers throughout the world, unpacks OTT advertising and looks at the latest TV advertising news, trends and insights.
TV Attribution in the Time of COVID-19
TV Attribution in the Wake of a Global Pandemic
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COVID-19 is uncharted territory for all of us. Not only are we dealing with it as professionals, but we're also navigating it as parents, partners, caretakers, you name it. This is not a topic to take lightly, but it is the world we live in and we need to work together to guarantee that businesses survive and thrive in this “new normal."

As the global leader in TV attribution, TVSquared has a unique perspective on how the coronavirus is impacting advertising throughout the world. Each day, we are in touch with thousands of agencies, brands, publishers and media owners in 70+ countries to thoroughly understand this impact—and we will be continuously sharing the latest TV ad insights.

While we're learning new information every day, here is what we know now. First, attribution has become more important than ever. During this time of fast-changing viewership trends, every ad dollar must work, so advertisers need attribution (always-on measurement and optimization) to identify evolving response patterns and then capitalize on them to drive business goals.

Second, while some advertisers are considering going dark for the next few months, this is a mistake. Pausing a campaign will damage the brand effect an advertiser has been building. Don’t forget that, in addition to immediate performance, TV is also valuable for longer-term impact.

Third, it's imperative that advertisers stay on top of viewing trends. TV watching is rising significantly, but with so many options across platforms it’s also essential that brands implement test-and-learn strategies in order to keep track of exactly how audiences are watching content, including specific publishers and programs. Advertisers may discover new buy elements that now drive performance in a way that they didn’t just a few weeks ago.

Read TVSquared’s full March 2020 insights, including data on how COVID-19 has impacted ad spend and performance by vertical so far here, and learn more about why you should advertise on TV during this crucial time.

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DTC Brands 2020
Spotlight on DTC Brands in 2020
Direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales are estimated to reach almost $18 billion by the end of the year. In eMarketer's recently released report, the research firm looks at the meteoric rise of the category, explores growing pains for DTC brands on the path to maturity and delves into the evolving ad models working for these disruptors.
Throughout the report, TVSquared's DTC TV performance analysis is referenced, including valuable information on the most effective creative lengths and KPIs these brands are measuring the success of their TV campaigns on. This report is essential reading for a category leading the way in performance-driven advertising.
Facing the New World of Data Privacy
Facing the New World of Data Privacy

As the worlds of linear TV and OTT continue to collide, consumers, advertisers and publishers alike will be impacted by the principles and approaches from all corners of the industry when it comes to data privacy. For TVSquared, privacy is far more than just checking a box—it’s central to our DNA.

COVID-19 TV Insights
COVID-19 TV Insights

Due to COVID-19, March 2020 marked the first full month of a homebound economy for many advertisers. In TVSquared's latest insights report, we uncovered how brands were adapting to new viewing and response patterns - across industry categories - throughout the month.

Unlock the Impact of OTT
Unlock the Impact of OTT

How does OTT really perform for brands, and what is the incremental audience reach? To help provide answers, TVSquared is empowering brands across the globe with real-time attribution and data analytics to understand the full impact of OTT campaigns. Watch our new video on OTT here.

Televisionation: The Defining Role of Attribution and the Impact of COVID-19
TVSquared's president, Jo Kinsella, spoke with TVOT's Tracy Swedlow for the "Televisionation" video/audio podcast. In a candid interview about the impact of COVID-19 on TV advertisers across the ecosystem, Jo discusses the:
  • Top challenges facing TV advertisers in these uncertain times
  • Increasing cross-platform viewership and how brands can take advantage of it
  • Role of attribution and why it's more important than ever
  • Ad spend and performance trends emerging after the first month of a homebound economy
  • Tangible things advertisers can do today to ensure campaigns perform in times of flux
Leaning into TV During the Time of COVID-19
Leaning into TV During the Time of COVID-19
Our next "Real Talk with TVSquared" features a candid conversation with Matt Hultgren, Vice President of Analytics at Marketing Architects. We'll talk about the brands coming to TV - many for the first time - in the wake of COVID-19. Learn more about the industries leveraging the massive shift in TV viewing to drive awareness and digital performance, understand the creative and messaging challenges facing brands of all shapes and sizes and get tangible advice to maximize ad spend in a time of global uncertainty.

Join the Webinar | Apr. 15 at 12:30 p.m. ET


Navigating OTT
Navigating OTT (Without Taking on Water)
The explosion of OTT streaming services is rapidly transforming TV. And while OTT has become commonplace for viewers, it’s still an emerging (albeit fast-growing) area for advertisers – especially as a tool for incremental reach and engaging with highly targeted audiences.

In TVSquared's latest on-demand webinar, Head of Customer Success, Callum Guthrie, discussed:

  • Top OTT factors facing customers, including incremental reach, deduplication, performance and reach/frequency
  • The role attribution plays in measuring and optimizing OTT for performance
  • Tangible strategies that advertisers can employ today to make OTT a valuable part of the media mix
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