The June 2020 edition of TVSquared's "The Broadcast" covers the latest trends for booming DTC brands, how advertisers can unlock the power of data-driven linear and more of the current TV advertising news and insights.
DTC Brands are Thriving on TV
DTC Spotlight: How is This Key Vertical Adapting to a Global Crisis?
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For the past few months, consumers have been buying a broader range of products online than ever before. While direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have become a mainstay for food delivery, subscription services and clothing, consumers are increasingly turning to DTCs for items such as personal care or CPG products—goods that have typically been purchased in-store.

COVID-19 has undeniably played a critical role in these evolving consumer habits. Since March, viewership has been up across TV platforms, while inventory prices have decreased considerably, reducing the barrier of entry for many young brands. While DTCs were already flocking to TV pre-COVID to drive performance, the recent combination of consumer demand, higher viewership and lower prices has led to the perfect storm for this category to take greater advantage of TV’s benefits.

Today, DTCs aren't simply airing spots on TV—they’re thriving on it! To identify COVID-19-related TV advertising trends, TVSquared analyzed performance data from hundreds of brands around the world. What we found was that web traffic and response were skyrocketing for DTC categories. Check out our video detailing the findings, but here are some highlights:

  • DTC Fitness is seeing performance increases of more than 200%. Not surprising since our homes are now doubling as our gyms.
  • While DTCs are seeing strong response throughout the day, Overnight—traditionally seen as the “dead zone” of TV—is up by a whopping 90%.
  • A DTC wellness app cut OTT ad spend in March. By mid-April, it reinvested in OTT to see response rates recover and actually surpass pre-COVID averages by 25% - proving the value of remaining on-air.
By recognizing that TV is essential for driving performance and strengthening brand awareness—even during a time of crisis—DTCs are continually garnering powerful campaign results. Check out our full insights here.

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Hudson MX & TVSquared Partner to Transform Local TV
Hudson MX & TVSquared Partner to Transform Local TV

Performance-based, automated TV buying has arrived! Learn how automated media buying, when combined with always-on attribution, is modernizing local TV for the benefit of advertisers.

Looking Toward a Post-Pandemic Advertising & Media Landscape
Looking Toward a Post-Pandemic Advertising 
& Media Landscape

What will the long-lasting effects of COVID-19 be for media buyers, sellers and consumers in a post-pandemic world? Industry thought leaders, including TVSquared’s President, Jo Kinsella, weigh in on what we can all expect.

Why Do So Many People Turn to TV During a Time of Crisis?
Why Do So Many People Turn to TV During a Time of Crisis?

TV viewership across platforms has been soaring, but entertainment value isn't the only reason people turn to TV to help them through stressful times. Find out the other factors that come heavily into play.

Data-Driven Linear
Unlocking the Power of Data-Driven Linear
How can glass-level viewing data and always-on attribution power game-changing insights that inform frequency, reach, audience and buy optimization decisions? TVSquared’s CTO and EVP, Blair Robertson, and Inscape’s Director of Business Development, Ken Norcross, tackle this topic in our latest on-demand webinar.
Listen to find out:
  • Why data-driven linear is integral to audience-powered marketing
  • How COVID-19 is impacting TV performance and viewing trends
  • Tangible advice to help marketers better reach audiences at home
… and more! Check out the full webinar here.
Real Talk with TVSquared
How Does Delivery Hero Use TV for Performance Across Countries?
As one of the leading online food delivery marketplaces in the world, Delivery Hero has an interesting perspective on how TV can be used to drive powerful results. In our latest "Real Talk" episode, Sylwia Bardzik, Director of Offline Marketing at Delivery Hero, discusses:
  • The differences between running campaigns in emerging vs. more mature markets

  • How TV is driving hyper growth—and why always-on attribution is key to achieving meaningful results
  • Advice for other brands looking to extend into new advertising markets
Watch the entire interview here.
Stay Connected with TVSquared!
Stay Connected with TVSquared!
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IAB THERE: Wednesday, June 3, at 2:00 p.m. ET
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