The July 2020 edition of TVSquared's "The Broadcast” includes key findings on how the pandemic has impacted TV advertising, the importance of staying on-air and more of the latest industry news and insights.
The Halo Effect: TV Drives Digital
Effectv & TVSquared Analyze TV's Impact on Consumer Behavior During COVID-19
At the start of 2020, the TV industry was already in the midst of massive change—increasingly moving away from traditional ratings and toward performance, outcomes, accountability and transparency. COVID-19, which has ushered in a period of fluctuating response and viewership habits at an unprecedented level, has only expedited this revolution.

In this environment, advertisers have had to continuously adjust campaign strategies to take advantage of lower inventory prices, larger audiences and changing consumer habits due to the homebound economy.

TVSquared and Effectv analyzed hundreds of U.S. brands to uncover how TV has impacted advertisers' ability to drive digital engagement in a time of restricted movement. The findings detail the short- and long-term implications of staying on-air, the effectiveness of pandemic-related creative changes and many other insights.

Critical findings from the study, “The Halo Effect: TV Drives Digital,” include:
  • Staying On-Air was Crucial: Among 250+ advertisers analyzed, the ones that stayed on-air saw a prolonged impact of +23%—maintaining strong brand presence and recallability for consumers—while brands that went off-air saw website visits decrease by an average of -20%.
  • The Impact of COVID-19 Varied Greatly by Category: By looking at week-by-week trends over a period of five months, Effectv and TVSquared found that brands with direct-to-consumer offerings, including eCommerce Retail (+100%) and Online Food Delivery (+84%), saw the highest rates of TV-attributed responses, while Automotive and Insurance were among the categories that have seen dips in performance since lockdown.
  • Changing Creatives Drove Performance, But Consistency was Key: In the wake of COVID-19, brands that opted to not alter creatives to address the pandemic saw an average lift of +13% in immediate website visitors. On the other hand, brands that ran COVID-specific creatives saw a significantly higher lift (at an average of +37%). But the tactic of changing creatives isn’t always enough on its own to drive response; consistency also matters. Advertisers that maintained a consistent, well-rounded airing schedule for those updated creatives saw greater results than ones that aired with less consistency.
TVSquared’s President, Jo Kinsella, said, “The study findings show just how critical it is for TV advertisers to be nimble and adaptive. Changing creatives to reflect what is happening in the world, and making data-backed adjustments to buys and schedules, are the two attributes that are consistent among the most successful advertisers.”

For the full findings, including category-specific data insights and case studies, click here.

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The Big Interview: Normalizing TV’s Immense Value
The Big Interview: Normalizing TV’s Immense Value

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Why Advertisers Shouldn't Go Dark During Crises

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Real Talk with TVSquared
DTC Advertiser, Blinkist, Leverages TV to Drive Growth
In what specific ways do always-on performance analytics inform TV advertising strategies for brands—including creatives, program schedules and much more? In a new episode of “Real Talk with TVSquared,” Bobby Richardson, the Offline Marketing Lead at Blinkist, a book-summarizing subscription service, discusses how real-time analytics have impacted Blinkist’s approach to TV. Listen to find out:
  • How the company’s approach to TV advertising has evolved
  • Specific advice on how advertising in the U.S. differs from Europe
  • Why TV plays such a key role in the brand’s innovation, ability to drive performance and growth
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Global TV Insights in the COVID-19 Era
What Were the Biggest Global TV Ad Trends From March-June 2020?
TV advertisers worldwide have had to continually use test-and-learn strategies in order to adjust to an industry marked by fluctuating viewership and response patterns due to the pandemic. To identify how brands have been adapting to these evolving changes, TVSquared analyzed data from hundreds of advertisers across the globe, discovering fascinating trends, including the following:
  • Among dayparts, Overnight has seen the highest increase in performance (+10%) since lockdown, while its cost per response has also significantly decreased (-73%).
  • DTC Fitness has dominated improvements in TV-driven response since pre-lockdown (+103%).
  • In June, Pharma was the ad vertical with the largest increase in TV ad spend (+37%), while Travel had the biggest decrease (-20%).
Click here for our full data insights.

Stay Connected with TVSquared!
Stay Connected with TVSquared!
TV Talk with Jo Kinsella (New Episode Every Wednesday)
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  • Hudson MX’s JT Batson on the disruption across the industry during COVID-19 and how the company has turned TV buying on its head
  • Effectv's Dan Sinagoga on why TV's crucial role in political advertising is bigger than ever in 2020
  • Parsley Box's Linzi Clingan on how TV had led to a boom in sales, even during COVID-19
  • Squadron Venture Media's James Burgess on the "anti-strategy" approach to ad campaigns
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