TV advertising is evolving – let’s find out where you are

TV has evolved into a performance-marketing channel that can be measured and optimized in the same way as digital.

This quick evaluation gives you an understanding of where you are in terms of TV maturity, and will set you on a path to build upon and evolve your TV strategy.

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Evolve to a Higher Level of TV Maturity with TVSquared

TVSquared can help your brand evolve to higher levels on the TV Analytics Maturity Model. Whether you are new to TV advertising, looking to transform your TV initiatives from branding to response, or continuing to build on your analytical capabilities and buying complexities, we can help. Discover which level you’re in and how you can continue to evolve.

Initial: Traditional TV measurement; looks at campaign performance in hindsight

Developed: Real-time TV campaign measurement; applies insights to improve future campaigns

Defined: Dynamically managing and optimizing TV campaigns; ties campaign performance directly to business outcomes

Managed: Understands TV's total impact; leverages it for more refined targeting and digital driving

Optimized: The most mature advertisers in terms of TV analytics; employ automation, AI and cross-channel tactics