Ditch the snowflake sweater.
You’re headed to The TVSquared Bungalow for CES 2020.

#CES2020 #TropicLikeItsHot

We get it. You’re sick of winter and all you are dreaming about is a relaxing vacation somewhere warm and tropical.

Rest easy. We’re turning an Aria Penthouse into The TVSquared Bungalow for CES 2020. The show floor can be hectic, which is why we’re providing a quiet retreat for you to relax and recharge throughout the show.

We’ve got an aromatherapy and oxygen bar, craft tiki cocktails, a catered gourmet lunch and one incredible ukulele player to bring the island vibes to the hustle and bustle of CES.

Here’s how it’s all going down:

  • Lunch & Libations: TUESDAY, Jan. 7th

    12pm – 2pm: Escape to a relaxing retreat to catch up on emails, recharge your devices, and relax to the sounds of our acoustic ukulele player. We’ll be serving up an incredible Island-inspired lunch to keep you fueled for the rest of the day.

  • Breathe Deep: WEDNESDAY, Jan. 8th

    10am – 2pm: Feeling a little sluggish by day 3? Breathe deep at our aromatherapy oxygen bar, complete with B12 shots. The O2 bar increases energy, and lessens the effects of those pesky hangovers and headaches so you can revive your mind and body to tackle the day ahead.

  • Tiki Squared Pre-Game, WEDNESDAY, Jan. 8th

    3pm – 5pm: It’s cocktail and canape time! Head on up to the TVSquared Bungalow and grab a “Tiki Squared” cocktail to get your evening started. Garnished and served up in your very own coconut husk cup. Enjoy friendly conversations as you relax before the evening festivities.

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